LGBTQIA Enamel Pins

Hey folks! Long time no chat!

I wanted to share a kickstarter I’m doing for my second wave of LGBT heart enamel pins. I’ve made several flags into anatomical hearts already, but I’d like to make some more options for lesser represented flag colours. Cause everyone deserves swag ;).

These are the pins I want to make.


L-R, T-B: Intersex, Genderfluid, Aromantic
Non binary and Lipstick lesbian.

These are the pins I’ve already made, they are available in my shop.

L-R, T-B:

Pansexual, Gender queer
Rainbow, Bisexual
Asexual, Transgender

If you have any friends that fall into any of these groups I’d love if you’d share it. It’d be SO COOL for my kickstarter to succeed, but regardless these pins are going to be made, I’d just appreciate the help. You can also preorder them on my etsy if you’re so inclined.



February Contest Winner

Whoooops. I posted this on insta and totally forgot to post it on the blog. I just started a new job so the new hours are something to get used to. The winner of February’s earrings was an instagram user and she picked out a lovely pair of studs. March’s giveaway is a $5 gift certificate!

Confused? Follow and comment on any and all posts made in the month to enter to win a monthly prize. Discounts, gift certificates, free shipping, stuff..!

Handmade Eyeshadows and Palette


Buckle your seat belt, this project was a doozy.

It started when I bought some eyeshadow making/pressing supplies online. I wanted some lovely iridescent highlight shades like the Kat Von D palette, and I feel like I more or less achieved that look with these. But once I had all the eyeshadows made, I realized I had nothing to put them in! I have a video showing how I made the shadows, and the instructions on how I made the palette are just below.

What you need:
My mix press base –…
My mix press binder –…
Sparkle turquoise –…
7 colour interference colour set –…
26mm pan press kit (comes with tile for pressing) –…
Isopropyl alcohol
Paper towels
Mixing cups
Measuring spoon
Stir sticks
You can also buy 12 pan empty palettes to put your shadows in –…

Recipe for one 26mm pan (video shows recipe for two)
-1/8 tsp my mix press base
-1/2 tsp pigment
-5 drops my mix press binder
-enough isopropyl alcohol to get correct consistency

Now, onto making the palette.


First, I took some cardboard and added an edge to hold them, but they all slid around. Not the safest for makeup.

Some shadows I made, others are pressed samples from various brands.

At the same point, I was looking at this piece of foam core that I had painted.. Cue the lightbulb.

I cut the foam core into three pieces, and with the first one divided the back into 8 squares, then traced a pan inside each square and cut just inside that.

I then glued the second piece of foam core to the back, and wrote in the letters for what order I wanted the colours to go in for optimum rainbowiness.

I cut strips of paper to cover the edges, and glued then taped them down, and made the lid with the third panel of foam core that I backed with more paper. Added more glue, more tape, until everything was attached.



Shell Ring Holders

Oh, shells. I love working with shells. Most of the time it’s jewellery but this time around it’s jewellery holders.

I was given a bunch of shells from a friend (okay.. I asked for the shells after I saw they had a bunch from their beach wedding, but they didn’t mind giving me them!) And I couldn’t resist fancying them up with paint, glitter, and resin.





I made a base out of a sand dollar to hold them steady, as on their own they would just rock around. Between the sand dollar and the deepest part of the shell, these are pretty wobble-free.


I’ll be using these at craft fairs, when the season comes.


Bonus shell, a little piece of memorabilia for the friends that got married. A wedding photo encased in resin. This shell had beautiful details on the edge so I cut the picture smaller to show it off.


Experimenting with Fluid Painting

Second Attempt
First Attempt

Have you ever heard of fluid painting? I didn’t until yesterday when I saw some amazing pieces of resin art with no description on how they made the designs they had. Well, consider me Sherlock cause I solved that mystery, and spent the rest of the evening looking up videos on youtube.

These are done with acrylic, and once I feel I’ve sufficiently gotten a hang of it, I’ll move onto resin. When the technique is done right you should end up with these lacy patterns that form organically in the paint. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m also not using proper equipment. I’m painting on transparency paper and box tops and whatever pieces of cardboard I have laying around! haha. I’ll need to make a trip to the store for some canvas.

Even though they’re not the prettiest, this is a really amazing thing to try. It’s fun, it’s messy, and it’s rewarding seeing something you made like this. I always said my mother kept all her painting skills to herself and passed none to me, but maybe I was just using the wrong format?

There’s some really talented people out there. If you’re curious about it I urge you to check out youtube or #fluidpainting on instagram.

Studs For Days

I love these little studs. They’re just so charming! Tiny little bronze hearts are painted and resin coated, with stainless steel posts. I’ve got a few pairs I’m keeping to myself, and these ones are getting listed in the shop throughout the day. Mostly hearts, but there’s a few stars as well. Next time I get supplies I’m going to make some more shapes as well. I’m feeling geometrics like circles and triangles might be next…




Which are your favourite?

Get your stud fix here.

Monthly Contests Start Now!

Who’s ready to win stuff!? I know I’m ready to start giving things away. Starting today, I’ll be holding monthly contests across all my social media platforms (blog, instagram, and facebook.) It could be for coupons, discount codes, or items.

This month will be…


Your choice of any pair of earrings in my shop!

How to enter? It’s easy.

  1. Be following me.
  2. Comment on any post made by me that month.

That’s it! At the end of the month I’ll tally up all the comments, use a generator to pick a winner and make a post announcing who won.

Now for some rules to clear up anything:

Open internationally.
No giveaway/spam accounts.
I have the right to decide what counts as a comment (essentially, I don’t want comments consisting of ‘.’ or ‘follow for follow’. Heart and thumbs up emojis are totally valid though!)
Must be 18+ in cases where I need your address (like for this month).
Winners have 48 hours to get back to me with any info needed otherwise another winner will be picked.
If you comment on the blog, you only have to be following the blog. Same goes for facebook and instagram. But feel free to follow everything ;P.
Only one comment per post counts, but you can comment on any/all posts across all platforms for multiple entries.

I think that’s it, but I’ll announce if I remember something else or need to make clarifications/corrections.



I’ve been doing weekly sales in my shop, this week I’m going with a new item, a photograph turned pendant made of a transparent image backed with shimmery white resin. I love this and have my own that I wear all the time.

You can get it here for $22 for the next week, on Tuesday a new item will be on sale!

FYI: This lighthouse is near where my wedding photos were taken! The lighthouse isn’t standing anymore sadly, but it’s a gorgeous place besides that, and it’s full of fossils so it’s super cool. Point Aconi, Cape Breton, NS.

Mixed Metals


I love getting requests for custom pieces! That extra bit of outside inspiration leads to some of my most favourite pieces! A friend asked for mixed metal earrings and a matching necklace to go with. The necklace is reversible, having all the same colours but a different brush stroke pattern on the back more akin to what’s on the earrings.

This is off in the mail now, and I think I’ll need to make more similarly patterned pieces in different colours before I get my fix!

Leather and Floral

I’ve been having a blast lately, experimenting with scraps of fabric I’ve been hoarding for ages. Lightweight, pastel, floral fabric and dark, bold leather scraps are getting turned into two very distinct earring styles. Which kind do you prefer?


scrap leather earrings

Make sure to follow my facebook and instagram for updates on when things get released as well as chances to win stuff! I’ve got some contests starting in February spanning across all my social media so the more you’re on the more chances you have. 🙂