Fresh Off The Workbench: Blue Filigree Statement Necklace


Sometimes, what you end up with is so much better than you first imagined. Case in point, this necklace.

I had this idea in my head for ages, a 5 piece necklace, tapering on the sides. I originally thought all the pieces would be a simple, round setting, but when I tried it I found it flipped backwards more often than it didn’t because of where the connections were. That just drove me crazy and had to be fixed.


Last night while out at dinner I had a lightbulb moment, and this morning I doubled up on the jump rings on every connection. It still allows for movement but now the likelihood of any pieces ending up backwards is far less. So far today I’ve been flip-free! That includes jumping, dancing, and shimmying in front of the mirror to be sure.

I’ll keep wearing it to see if anything needs to be fixed before I start selling them. I can’t wait to be back home to open my shop up again, these next few months are going to drag as I impatiently wait to share all these pretties. I have an array of colours already made, and since I had to do something with that old middle piece, they’ll have matching bracelets (and earrings, of course) to go with them!




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