A Gift With Meaning: Spoon Theory



Today I wanted to share with you a lovely story I received from a client and now friend, Kristin. She had ordered one of my spoon pendants last year, and in her review she included the reason why she bought it.

First, I have to be honest. I bought this for a fellow “Spoonie” Sister. (You can look up Spoon Theory on the internet. It is a thought provoking article on people with chronic illnesses). This amazing friend bravely fights fibromyalgia every day. The purple color is for Fibromyalgia, the spoon is for being a Spoonie, and the gift was because she just finished a 5K run!!!

I had never heard of the Spoon Theory before, so I did a bit of looking into it. It’s a straightforward and easy to understand way of explaining what it’s like living with a chronic illness, thought up by Christine Miserandino of www.butyoudontlooksick.com. She explains (in my very simple paraphrasing) that you only have so many ‘spoons’ of energy a day when you’re sick, and everything you do uses one. Unlike healthy people, who have virtually unlimited spoons, people with different illnesses have to pick and choose their daily activities knowing they only have so much to work with, and don’t want to run out. Get dressed? That’s a spoon. Make yourself breakfast? There goes another. Maybe by this point you only have 5 or 10 left to make it through the day where you need to commute, work, run errands, etc.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow to think that this woman who received my spoon pendant, who lives with limited spoons of her own, completed a 5K! It is absolutely amazing. I never thought when I first started making these pieces that they could ever hold such a special meaning behind them. Since the first one, I have since made a piece for Kristin in her own syndrome’s support colour, and she recently told me she is interested in getting more for other Spoonie friends. I’m honoured to be building these pieces now knowing the stories behind them!

You can read the full explanation of the Spoon Theory through the link above. It’s very interesting and worth a read if you know anyone with any illnesses, especially the invisible ones we tend to forget about.


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