Transforming Clothing: Boxy to Fitted Shirt


It’s slowly getting warmer outside, which means my brain is skipping over spring and dreaming of summer. And with summer of course comes the need for lightweight clothing.


My mother gave me a shirt last year that was sitting in her closet, but it ended up being ignored by me as well. It was boxy and unflattering, yet I thought I would get some use out of it because it was light and plaid. I didn’t. It sat in the closet for a year, unworn and unloved. Time for the chopping block!

All in all it was a pretty simple refashion. I removed the sleeves and took in the sides, and I added a small gather accent at the back to flatter the waist using part of the cuff. Now it’s a lot more wearable and will definitely be put into my closet’s rotation.

I paired it here with black skinnies and a simple gold geometric necklace.



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