Video: The Making of a Purse!

Purses are one of my all time favourite things to make. I think its partially because there’s simply so many options for style, fabric, use… But also the fact that they’re a one size fits all item. I don’t have to worry about if one is going to fit someone or not. I don’t need to make a size 4, size 6, size 8 purse.

I made a video a while ago showing how I go about making one of my favourite self drafted purse patterns, my tri-pocket purse. I love these. They’re comfortable, they hold a ton of stuff, and they’re pretty darn good looking if I do say so myself! If you’re interested to see one from start to finish, you can check out my time lapse below to see the process.

(If this looks familiar, I’ve posted it around a few times on the internet in various places. I swear it’s me and I didn’t steal it from anywhere!)


4 thoughts on “Video: The Making of a Purse!

    1. In July! D: If it were up to me there’d be stuff now, but my husband teaches in China and I’m with him. Once we’re back in Canada I’ll be able to start making and stocking my shop 🙂 I promise I’ll post when I get the first things listed!

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