Floral Skirt Fix & OOTD


This fabric came from my grandmother, who’s as sewing obsessed as I am. I originally made a dress out of it, but after a few wears I realized I didn’t much like the fit or the construction, so I took it apart and made this skirt instead.

Then not long after I made it I moved and lost weight and it didn’t fit me.. But instead of fixing it, it just sat there. NO MORE I SAY!

Floral skirt and burgundy shirt

It was an easy fix, I just measured the excess across from the zipper, and stitched a line down the side. I also undid the hem at the bottom so that when I trimmed the excess, the hem could be sewn back up and look nice and neat. Now I can actually wear this as intended (at the natural waist, instead of at the hips). The only thing difficult about this was the fact that I had to use my crappy temporary machine to do it, instead of my nice sewing machine at home that has things like tension and stitch control.

I’ve worn it here with black heels and a burgundy half sleeve shirt, as well as my reversible galaxy necklace. I really need a better picture set up, because if my feet and head aren’t cut off then it’s a grainy photo because I have to use a different lens. I promise I’ll work on it! As is, I’m sick so not seeing my face is probably a good thing :P.

Floral skirt and burgundy shirt, reversible galaxy necklace



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