30 Before 30

Polett's Cove, Cape Breton

My husband’s 30th birthday just passed, and besides making a super tasty coffee cake (recipe courtesy of Chef John from Food Wishes), I also thought it could be fun to make a 30 before 30 list for myself, leaving myself a year and a half to work on it. I tried to make it challenging but also mostly doable, so I left out most travel ideas, since we plan to not travel much after this stint in China.

  1. Run a kilometre in 5 minutes or less.
  2. Run a 5K.
  3. Get my products in 5 stores (1 down, 4 to go).
  4. Squat, deadlift, and bench 50lbs (or 100, or my bodyweight. I’m not sure at how hard these will be, so if I achieve one sooner, I’ll for the next goal)
  5. Pass my minimum skills test for roller derby.
  6. Meet at least one internet friend in person.
  7. Get good at sewing silk/chiffon/other slippery, hard to work with fabrics.
  8. Get a bicycle.
  9. Ride a mountain bike trail (or some very nature-y trail if I’m not in an area with mountain bike trails).
  10. See the great wall.
  11. Rollerskate at a skate park and either drop in or ride up a ramp.
  12. See the Northern Lights. (One of the least likely of everything on the list)
  13. See the Bay of Fundy in action (it’s part of Atlantic Canada and the highest tides in the world).
  14. Make an emergency savings fund of X$
  15. Learn to drive a manual.
  16. Get my motorcycle license.
  17. Start (and don’t kill) an herb garden.
  18. Try pole fitness.
  19. Improve my French levels to what it used to be.
  20. Maintain a budget.
  21. Start an investment.
  22. Learn to make jerky.
  23. Get a professional massage.
  24. Be totally cavity free.
  25. Make noodles from scratch.
  26. Make a pair of well fitting jeans.
  27. Pay off my provincial student loan.
  28. Hit 500 Instagram followers (feel free to help!)
  29. Have visible abs.
  30. Learn to start and maintain a conversation with a stranger/become a better speaker.

Do you have a bucket/to do/life goal list? Anything interesting on it you would like to share?


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