Amazing Remelt Mould Review

Dark Purple and Blue glittery resin crystal necklace by Tamed Raven

For anyone who uses resin to make jewellery or crafts, I feel like you’ll understand the urge to make your own moulds. To have something so 100% originally you, that’s a really exciting concept. But if you’re anything like me, you change your mind a lot. I wanted mould making mix for a long time, but didn’t want to drop the money on something I’d have to mix up, pour, possibly mess up and have to throw away.

Amazing remelt review

Then I saw a video about Amazing Remelt, a one part mould maker. It sounded too good to be true when I saw it on youtube, but I bought it anyway. Turns out it works fairly well with only a small learning curve.

What you do is simply melt it down (either in the container it came in, or a smaller one if you only want a little), pour it into a plastic container over whatever you want to make a mould of, and let it cool. I’ve used tupperware containers and plastic drinking cups to sit my items in, and they both worked well.


  • If you mess up a mould, remelt it and try again.
  • If you get bored with a mould or accidentally rip it, remelt it.
  • No mixing ratios required that you can mess up.
  • Fairly durable. I’ve had to really pull difficult shaped pieces out and I haven’t seen any damage on my moulds yet.
  • Good price when you consider you can use it repeatedly.
  • Food safe and made in the USA.
  • It says it needs mould release, but so far I haven’t needed it (which is great, because I paid a pretty penny for it once and accidentally threw it out when I moved, and haven’t brought myself to pay for it again :P)


  • I’ve heard of the red dye transferring over to resin, but I haven’t had this happen to me.
  • If you heat it up too fast and it bubbles, good luck getting those bubbles out. It says to skim them off the top but had difficulty even doing that. Be careful to heat it slowly and stir often! Thankfully the bubbles float to the top as the mould cools so the majority of them end up on what will be the bottom of the mould.
  • Dust really likes to stick to it, but you can easily rinse it with water and give it proper storage/drying time before using it to reduce it.

Over all, I give this a 4/5. I definitely plan to pick up more so I can make multiples of my moulds. I purchased mine from Amazon.

Aqua glittery resin crystal pendant by Tamed Raven

Aqua glittery resin crystal cluster pendant by Tamed Raven


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