Tamed Raven started in 2009 after a lifetime of creativity and a want to share it with the world. So who’s the face behind the name? That’s me! I’m Kristina, nice to meet you new friend.


Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, I’ve always been a creative, travel hungry gal. Then I moved across the country… Then across the world.

I’ve spent the past few years living in China and travelling throughout Asia and Europe, having the time of my life with my full time adventure buddy, my husband.

I have a constant need to create and discover, which will often blend together leading to an array of new experiments and pieces made from new and found items like beach shells and thrifted spoons. I love breathing new life into old things. Mix that with a healthy dose of colour and glitter and you’ve got a pretty fair representation of Tamed Raven.

You can purchase Tamed Raven products through my online store as well as from Defiant Darlings, located on Charlotte St, Sydney NS.

Please, stick around and follow me elsewhere under the same name. I’d love to hear from you.


Metal work



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