My bad everyone. It totally slipped my mind in my preparation for a dinner party I’ve been  planning. But fear not! I’m having a better late than never sale.

Use coupon code ‘Betterlate’ for 20% off your order, no minimum required. Sale runs until Nov 30th and I’ll be throwing new pieces like these spoons up over the weekend as I get time. Enjoy!!








Paper-Cut Light Box


This Christmas I’m fully going the DIY route. I’ve got bath bombs chilling in the cupboard (lime, bergamot, and orange scents). There’s cross stitched images waiting to be turned into ornaments. But the banger is the light box. Working in layers you cut card stock to reveal an image is simple or details as you want it to be. I, of course, jumped into something a bit more detailed (I’m looking at you, spruce tree).

There’s so many instructional videos, photo tutorials, and pictures for inspiration online that if you’re so inclined you could figure out how to do this in a day. Here is a great tutorial that gives you a step by step. If you’ve got an evening to spare I definitely suggest giving this a try.





DIY Halloween Wreath


I LOVE HALLOWEEN. So Much. Treat bags are made (and slowly disappearing, let’s not talk about it..) but I needed more.

Wreaths are all over, for every holiday and every season, and I love it. I needed it. I got it.

This bad boy cost a whole $6.50 Canadian when all was said and done, so I thought I’d share.


  • A wire hanger, loop bend down or broken off, and formed into a circle
  • Bubble wrap and tape to give some more thickness to the hanger
  • 2 feather boas from the dollar store, one black, one orange
  • A spool of spooky spiderweb ribbon, also from the dollar store.

This is the easiest wreath in existence.

Wrap your hanger in some bubble wrap, taping it on along the way. Wrap your boas one at a time around the hanger, then add your ribbon on top. My boas had loops on either end so I put that over the hanger loop to secure it, but more tape or a needle and thread would also work. Then I tied some string around it and hung it on a hook.

Add some cute bat stickers and you’re set!


Cashmere Cowls and an Update

I know, I know. Who are you? Where did you go for months? I’m sorry. I’ll try to not let it happen again, haha. I’ve moved twice in the past few months, and am only now finally working on updating my online shop, though I have been crafting many goodies lately, I promise I’ll share them with you soon. I’ve been speaking to a few shops about wholesale and consignment and have had a few bites, so I’m also preparing for those. It’s been a pretty exciting time back in Canada!

I’ve been sewing non stop for the past few weeks and it feels so good. Combine that with hiking and discovering a new area, it’s been super exciting. Plus, getting to speak English everywhere, that’s something special that I’m still not all used to.

Just look at this place! My new favourite hiking spot.

I’ve been hoarding these two pieces of fabric for quite some time and finally combined them into super soft, super stylish cowls. I made two of slightly different sizes, but personally this wider one is my favourite.


100% wool outside, 100% cashmere inside.. It’s just so soft! I’m definitely going to need to go through my stash soon and make a few more of these. And maybe find some more cashmere because that’s all I had left. It was a dream to work with and feels oh so snug around the neck!


Available here for purchase 🙂

Finished Pieces and Cape Breton Island Pride

transparent photo pendants

Here they are, the finished pieces! All chained up and beautiful. I also finished the first few of my Cape Breton Island necklaces. I’m so pleased with how these look.

lighthouse photograph necklace

This one was made with a white back, but I added some shimmer to the white so it has a really interesting look. I accidentally over-poured just a tad so this one is mine :). I’m so happy with this photo especially because that lighthouse doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s where I got my wedding photos taken.

transparent photo pendants

This one already found a new home, but I’ve got some others in the works to drop off at a friend’s store, plus hopefully I can show off these around town and find a few more shops to carry them!

transparent photo pendants

Transparent Photo Pendants

I’ve had this idea in my head for ages and while most of the pieces I’m working on are curing upstairs, I couldn’t wait to share these almost finished pieces with you!

Transparent photo pendants

transparent photography pendant

These gorgeous pendants are made using my own photographs and are my first try at Little Windows resin. Let me tell you, I’ll never go back to Crystal Clear after this! It’s a fantastic resin that makes me sad about all the pieces I’ve wasted bad resin on. Oh well, live and learn…

transparent see through jewellery

These ones are totally transparent as you can see, though that means the image isn’t showing up very well over dark colours… I’m trying a few more ideas so that I’m not doomed to wear white every time I want to wear one :P. I’m itching to get the others finished but resin takes time and you cannot rush it! So tomorrow I’ll get to take a look, flip them over, and finish the other side. Fingers crossed everything works out or I’ll be back to the drawing board.

I’ll be sure to update with the finished pieces as soon as they happen!

Magical Rainbow Unicorn Jewellery

Tamed Raven colour shift jewellery preview

I just wanted to share a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on. These just need a bit of cleaning up and assembly, and they’ll be ready to find new homes. I can’t wait to see these all finished, in their colour shifting magical glory!!!

Tamed Raven colour shift jewellery preview

Amazing Remelt Mould Review

Dark Purple and Blue glittery resin crystal necklace by Tamed Raven

For anyone who uses resin to make jewellery or crafts, I feel like you’ll understand the urge to make your own moulds. To have something so 100% originally you, that’s a really exciting concept. But if you’re anything like me, you change your mind a lot. I wanted mould making mix for a long time, but didn’t want to drop the money on something I’d have to mix up, pour, possibly mess up and have to throw away.

Amazing remelt review

Then I saw a video about Amazing Remelt, a one part mould maker. It sounded too good to be true when I saw it on youtube, but I bought it anyway. Turns out it works fairly well with only a small learning curve.

What you do is simply melt it down (either in the container it came in, or a smaller one if you only want a little), pour it into a plastic container over whatever you want to make a mould of, and let it cool. I’ve used tupperware containers and plastic drinking cups to sit my items in, and they both worked well.


  • If you mess up a mould, remelt it and try again.
  • If you get bored with a mould or accidentally rip it, remelt it.
  • No mixing ratios required that you can mess up.
  • Fairly durable. I’ve had to really pull difficult shaped pieces out and I haven’t seen any damage on my moulds yet.
  • Good price when you consider you can use it repeatedly.
  • Food safe and made in the USA.
  • It says it needs mould release, but so far I haven’t needed it (which is great, because I paid a pretty penny for it once and accidentally threw it out when I moved, and haven’t brought myself to pay for it again :P)


  • I’ve heard of the red dye transferring over to resin, but I haven’t had this happen to me.
  • If you heat it up too fast and it bubbles, good luck getting those bubbles out. It says to skim them off the top but had difficulty even doing that. Be careful to heat it slowly and stir often! Thankfully the bubbles float to the top as the mould cools so the majority of them end up on what will be the bottom of the mould.
  • Dust really likes to stick to it, but you can easily rinse it with water and give it proper storage/drying time before using it to reduce it.

Over all, I give this a 4/5. I definitely plan to pick up more so I can make multiples of my moulds. I purchased mine from Amazon.

Aqua glittery resin crystal pendant by Tamed Raven

Aqua glittery resin crystal cluster pendant by Tamed Raven

Oil Spill Nails




4 multichrome polishes at once is overwhelming on the eyes and camera (these were damn hard to photograph!) I used the dry marble technique, AKA glob on several polishes at once (I did vertical stripes over a black base) and then drag a pin/brush/toothpick through the polish to swirl it around.

Then proceed to stare at your nails for all the following days because you’re too distracted to do anything else.

(PS: Please excuse my sad cuticles. No amount of lotion or oil can combat the desert air it seems).

Polishes are BK brand. I found them on aliexpress but I bought mine in a store so I have no idea what ordering from this seller is like. I have colours 01,04,06,08.