Handmade Eyeshadows and Palette


Buckle your seat belt, this project was a doozy.

It started when I bought some eyeshadow making/pressing supplies online. I wanted some lovely iridescent highlight shades like the Kat Von D palette, and I feel like I more or less achieved that look with these. But once I had all the eyeshadows made, I realized I had nothing to put them in! I have a video showing how I made the shadows, and the instructions on how I made the palette are just below.

What you need:
My mix press base – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
My mix press binder – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
Sparkle turquoise – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
7 colour interference colour set – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
26mm pan press kit (comes with tile for pressing) – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
Isopropyl alcohol
Paper towels
Mixing cups
Measuring spoon
Stir sticks
You can also buy 12 pan empty palettes to put your shadows in – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…

Recipe for one 26mm pan (video shows recipe for two)
-1/8 tsp my mix press base
-1/2 tsp pigment
-5 drops my mix press binder
-enough isopropyl alcohol to get correct consistency

Now, onto making the palette.


First, I took some cardboard and added an edge to hold them, but they all slid around. Not the safest for makeup.

Some shadows I made, others are pressed samples from various brands.

At the same point, I was looking at this piece of foam core that I had painted.. Cue the lightbulb.

I cut the foam core into three pieces, and with the first one divided the back into 8 squares, then traced a pan inside each square and cut just inside that.

I then glued the second piece of foam core to the back, and wrote in the letters for what order I wanted the colours to go in for optimum rainbowiness.

I cut strips of paper to cover the edges, and glued then taped them down, and made the lid with the third panel of foam core that I backed with more paper. Added more glue, more tape, until everything was attached.




Cashmere Cowls and an Update

I know, I know. Who are you? Where did you go for months? I’m sorry. I’ll try to not let it happen again, haha. I’ve moved twice in the past few months, and am only now finally working on updating my online shop, though I have been crafting many goodies lately, I promise I’ll share them with you soon. I’ve been speaking to a few shops about wholesale and consignment and have had a few bites, so I’m also preparing for those. It’s been a pretty exciting time back in Canada!

I’ve been sewing non stop for the past few weeks and it feels so good. Combine that with hiking and discovering a new area, it’s been super exciting. Plus, getting to speak English everywhere, that’s something special that I’m still not all used to.

Just look at this place! My new favourite hiking spot.

I’ve been hoarding these two pieces of fabric for quite some time and finally combined them into super soft, super stylish cowls. I made two of slightly different sizes, but personally this wider one is my favourite.


100% wool outside, 100% cashmere inside.. It’s just so soft! I’m definitely going to need to go through my stash soon and make a few more of these. And maybe find some more cashmere because that’s all I had left. It was a dream to work with and feels oh so snug around the neck!


Available here for purchase 🙂

March Favourites 2016

Tamed Raven March Favourites

(Sweater: United Colors of Benetton / Hair: Schwarzkopf / Earrings: Mama Bijoux / Necklace: Tamed Raven / Perfume: Lush / Makeup: Sephora)

It’s April!! Which means it’s time for my March favourites.

Album: Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes. This band is so good. It’s the blues rock I’ve been searching for. Definitely worth giving them a listen.

Book: The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. Such a strange, messed up book. It’s a murder mystery written in first person, which I find is especially daunting because you feel much more in the headspace of the characters, none of whom you want to relate to.

Earrings from Mama Bijoux. I got these while in Rome at a fantastic little handmade jewellery shop. I’m so happy I found the store because their pieces were beautiful, their prices were right, and I was able to get souvenirs for myself and both our mothers (shh, don’t tell them).

My blue filigree necklace has been getting a lot of wear this month. I love how much of a statement piece it is, and I love getting compliments when I wear it ;).

My makeup and perfume has been light and subtle lately, and my hair has been saved from the heat with my new heat protect spray by Schwarzkopf that I got from a friend. I ran out of all my previous spray that I brought with me from home, and they don’t sell it here, so I’m lucky that she was able to send some to me! Otherwise I’d have to deal with this frizzy mane from now until July. As an added bonus, it smells fantastic!

And last but not least, my grey sweater by United Colors of Benetton. It’s light and breezy, but still warm enough to keep me cozy as the seasons change. Plus, who doesn’t love grey?! Give me all the grey things you have and I won’t have enough.

So that’s it for this month!