Studs For Days

I love these little studs. They’re just so charming! Tiny little bronze hearts are painted and resin coated, with stainless steel posts. I’ve got a few pairs I’m keeping to myself, and these ones are getting listed in the shop throughout the day. Mostly hearts, but there’s a few stars as well. Next time I get supplies I’m going to make some more shapes as well. I’m feeling geometrics like circles and triangles might be next…




Which are your favourite?

Get your stud fix here.


Monthly Contests Start Now!

Who’s ready to win stuff!? I know I’m ready to start giving things away. Starting today, I’ll be holding monthly contests across all my social media platforms (blog, instagram, and facebook.) It could be for coupons, discount codes, or items.

This month will be…


Your choice of any pair of earrings in my shop!

How to enter? It’s easy.

  1. Be following me.
  2. Comment on any post made by me that month.

That’s it! At the end of the month I’ll tally up all the comments, use a generator to pick a winner and make a post announcing who won.

Now for some rules to clear up anything:

Open internationally.
No giveaway/spam accounts.
I have the right to decide what counts as a comment (essentially, I don’t want comments consisting of ‘.’ or ‘follow for follow’. Heart and thumbs up emojis are totally valid though!)
Must be 18+ in cases where I need your address (like for this month).
Winners have 48 hours to get back to me with any info needed otherwise another winner will be picked.
If you comment on the blog, you only have to be following the blog. Same goes for facebook and instagram. But feel free to follow everything ;P.
Only one comment per post counts, but you can comment on any/all posts across all platforms for multiple entries.

I think that’s it, but I’ll announce if I remember something else or need to make clarifications/corrections.



I’ve been doing weekly sales in my shop, this week I’m going with a new item, a photograph turned pendant made of a transparent image backed with shimmery white resin. I love this and have my own that I wear all the time.

You can get it here for $22 for the next week, on Tuesday a new item will be on sale!

FYI: This lighthouse is near where my wedding photos were taken! The lighthouse isn’t standing anymore sadly, but it’s a gorgeous place besides that, and it’s full of fossils so it’s super cool. Point Aconi, Cape Breton, NS.

Mixed Metals


I love getting requests for custom pieces! That extra bit of outside inspiration leads to some of my most favourite pieces! A friend asked for mixed metal earrings and a matching necklace to go with. The necklace is reversible, having all the same colours but a different brush stroke pattern on the back more akin to what’s on the earrings.

This is off in the mail now, and I think I’ll need to make more similarly patterned pieces in different colours before I get my fix!

Leather and Floral

I’ve been having a blast lately, experimenting with scraps of fabric I’ve been hoarding for ages. Lightweight, pastel, floral fabric and dark, bold leather scraps are getting turned into two very distinct earring styles. Which kind do you prefer?


scrap leather earrings

Make sure to follow my facebook and instagram for updates on when things get released as well as chances to win stuff! I’ve got some contests starting in February spanning across all my social media so the more you’re on the more chances you have. 🙂


My bad everyone. It totally slipped my mind in my preparation for a dinner party I’ve been  planning. But fear not! I’m having a better late than never sale.

Use coupon code ‘Betterlate’ for 20% off your order, no minimum required. Sale runs until Nov 30th and I’ll be throwing new pieces like these spoons up over the weekend as I get time. Enjoy!!







Finished Pieces and Cape Breton Island Pride

transparent photo pendants

Here they are, the finished pieces! All chained up and beautiful. I also finished the first few of my Cape Breton Island necklaces. I’m so pleased with how these look.

lighthouse photograph necklace

This one was made with a white back, but I added some shimmer to the white so it has a really interesting look. I accidentally over-poured just a tad so this one is mine :). I’m so happy with this photo especially because that lighthouse doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s where I got my wedding photos taken.

transparent photo pendants

This one already found a new home, but I’ve got some others in the works to drop off at a friend’s store, plus hopefully I can show off these around town and find a few more shops to carry them!

transparent photo pendants

Transparent Photo Pendants

I’ve had this idea in my head for ages and while most of the pieces I’m working on are curing upstairs, I couldn’t wait to share these almost finished pieces with you!

Transparent photo pendants

transparent photography pendant

These gorgeous pendants are made using my own photographs and are my first try at Little Windows resin. Let me tell you, I’ll never go back to Crystal Clear after this! It’s a fantastic resin that makes me sad about all the pieces I’ve wasted bad resin on. Oh well, live and learn…

transparent see through jewellery

These ones are totally transparent as you can see, though that means the image isn’t showing up very well over dark colours… I’m trying a few more ideas so that I’m not doomed to wear white every time I want to wear one :P. I’m itching to get the others finished but resin takes time and you cannot rush it! So tomorrow I’ll get to take a look, flip them over, and finish the other side. Fingers crossed everything works out or I’ll be back to the drawing board.

I’ll be sure to update with the finished pieces as soon as they happen!

Magical Rainbow Unicorn Jewellery

Tamed Raven colour shift jewellery preview

I just wanted to share a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on. These just need a bit of cleaning up and assembly, and they’ll be ready to find new homes. I can’t wait to see these all finished, in their colour shifting magical glory!!!

Tamed Raven colour shift jewellery preview

March Favourites 2016

Tamed Raven March Favourites

(Sweater: United Colors of Benetton / Hair: Schwarzkopf / Earrings: Mama Bijoux / Necklace: Tamed Raven / Perfume: Lush / Makeup: Sephora)

It’s April!! Which means it’s time for my March favourites.

Album: Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes. This band is so good. It’s the blues rock I’ve been searching for. Definitely worth giving them a listen.

Book: The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. Such a strange, messed up book. It’s a murder mystery written in first person, which I find is especially daunting because you feel much more in the headspace of the characters, none of whom you want to relate to.

Earrings from Mama Bijoux. I got these while in Rome at a fantastic little handmade jewellery shop. I’m so happy I found the store because their pieces were beautiful, their prices were right, and I was able to get souvenirs for myself and both our mothers (shh, don’t tell them).

My blue filigree necklace has been getting a lot of wear this month. I love how much of a statement piece it is, and I love getting compliments when I wear it ;).

My makeup and perfume has been light and subtle lately, and my hair has been saved from the heat with my new heat protect spray by Schwarzkopf that I got from a friend. I ran out of all my previous spray that I brought with me from home, and they don’t sell it here, so I’m lucky that she was able to send some to me! Otherwise I’d have to deal with this frizzy mane from now until July. As an added bonus, it smells fantastic!

And last but not least, my grey sweater by United Colors of Benetton. It’s light and breezy, but still warm enough to keep me cozy as the seasons change. Plus, who doesn’t love grey?! Give me all the grey things you have and I won’t have enough.

So that’s it for this month!