Handmade Eyeshadows and Palette


Buckle your seat belt, this project was a doozy.

It started when I bought some eyeshadow making/pressing supplies online. I wanted some lovely iridescent highlight shades like the Kat Von D palette, and I feel like I more or less achieved that look with these. But once I had all the eyeshadows made, I realized I had nothing to put them in! I have a video showing how I made the shadows, and the instructions on how I made the palette are just below.

What you need:
My mix press base – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
My mix press binder – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
Sparkle turquoise – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
7 colour interference colour set – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
26mm pan press kit (comes with tile for pressing) – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…
Isopropyl alcohol
Paper towels
Mixing cups
Measuring spoon
Stir sticks
You can also buy 12 pan empty palettes to put your shadows in – https://howtomakecosmetics.com/produc…

Recipe for one 26mm pan (video shows recipe for two)
-1/8 tsp my mix press base
-1/2 tsp pigment
-5 drops my mix press binder
-enough isopropyl alcohol to get correct consistency

Now, onto making the palette.


First, I took some cardboard and added an edge to hold them, but they all slid around. Not the safest for makeup.

Some shadows I made, others are pressed samples from various brands.

At the same point, I was looking at this piece of foam core that I had painted.. Cue the lightbulb.

I cut the foam core into three pieces, and with the first one divided the back into 8 squares, then traced a pan inside each square and cut just inside that.

I then glued the second piece of foam core to the back, and wrote in the letters for what order I wanted the colours to go in for optimum rainbowiness.

I cut strips of paper to cover the edges, and glued then taped them down, and made the lid with the third panel of foam core that I backed with more paper. Added more glue, more tape, until everything was attached.




Follow Me Around Vlog!

I made a vlog yesterday while running errands and thought some of you might find it interesting! It’s a little glimpse of my day to day life here in China. It’s not particularly crafty but it may be interesting for you!

If you want to see other bits and pieces of day to day life, you can find me on snapchat @atamedraven 🙂

Video: The Making of a Purse!

Purses are one of my all time favourite things to make. I think its partially because there’s simply so many options for style, fabric, use… But also the fact that they’re a one size fits all item. I don’t have to worry about if one is going to fit someone or not. I don’t need to make a size 4, size 6, size 8 purse.

I made a video a while ago showing how I go about making one of my favourite self drafted purse patterns, my tri-pocket purse. I love these. They’re comfortable, they hold a ton of stuff, and they’re pretty darn good looking if I do say so myself! If you’re interested to see one from start to finish, you can check out my time lapse below to see the process.

(If this looks familiar, I’ve posted it around a few times on the internet in various places. I swear it’s me and I didn’t steal it from anywhere!)